JSA #s 11 & 12

June and July 2000

Goyer and Johns (writers), Bair (breakdowns), Buzz (penciller), Bair and AW (inks), Lopez (letterer), Kalisz (colorist).

These two issues are the only ones I've seen from this series, but apparently it is an attempt to recreate the superhero team of the 40's in the present by having new characters adopt the identies of the original JSA (i.e. Dr. Fate, Sandman, Wildcat, etc.). It's an interesting idea and this story, any way, was not bad. I've included it here because the story in these two issues is set on Blackhawk Island. We are shown that Blackhawk Island has been abandoned for a long time. A further connection is made by the mention of Blackhawk Express and the suggestion that the JSA will have further contacts with Blackhawk Express in the future.

Obviously, the inclusion of Blackhawk Express places this story firmly in the Chaykin universe. However, it is also obvious that the writers and artists know nearly nothing about the actual history of the Blackhawks. In the panel shown here, for example, the Blackhawk emblem on the C-130 is of the style of the original Blackhawks rather than the Chaykin style that would be appropriate for this universe, and it has a red background instead of yellow, making it look more like Hawkman's emblem than that of the Blackhawks. Since the writers seem to have done a pretty thorough job of researching the history of the JSA to create the characters here, I wish they had done a little research to discover something more about the history of the Blackhawks.

Thanks to Doc Strangefate for suggesting JSA as a Blackhawk link.

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