Blackhawk Contributors

The individuals listed on this page have told me that they want their email addresses available on the website so that they can be reached by other Blackhawk fans, who might have questions about the material they have contributed to the site or just wish to talk about the Blackhawks. I had, in my innocence, simply placed their email addresses, and mine, in "mail to" links. This made it very easy for anyone to contact them. All you had to do was click on their name and you could send them a message. I have since discovered that it also made it very easy for the spammers to find their email addresses and flood them with junk email. So, even though it is far less convenient than "mail to" links, I have created this page as the way to get in touch with the fine folks who have helped this site become one of the best of its type on the web. The email addresses you see below are graphic files that can't be read by the spammers' robot programs. If you want to contact anyone listed below, you will have to type their address into your email system. You can not even do a copy and paste because it is not text. I am sorry that I have had to do this, but it seems the best solution. As always, you can contact me, the webmaster, at

NOTE: These email addresses were posted more than ten years ago and it is entirely possible that some, maybe most, are no longer valid. If you discover that an email address is no longer working, let me know and I'll remove it. My address is good because I just changed it from the one that I haven't used in years.

Kevin Ahearn
Andrew Black
David Chapman
Ray Elliot
Carlos M. Federici
Derrick Ferguson
Bob Fulker
David Haglund
Neil Hansen
Doug Husak
Joe Kluczynski
Ulises Mavridis
Mikel Midnight
Lou Mougin
Bill Paul
Gustavo Rodriguez-Zurita
Don Secrease
Terry Semenoff
Mike Smith
Jason Tippitt
Dan Thompson
Joe Thoms
Allen Wright

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