Issue No. 13

Winter 1946

Blackhawk Stalks Danger!: At the Costa Marca Government Experimental Laboratory Dr FERIGO has been murdered. The formula Z-20 fuel, more powerful than dynamite, is missing. The killer, hooded and caped, climbs out the lab window into the arms of Blackhawk, who had been called to the secret establishment for a briefing. The assassin breaks free and acts strangely, ripping the formula up and stabbing himself to death. Other countries with similar experiments are Marlanx and Pan-goy. Pan-goy sends a wire to Blackhawk about sabotage in which two scientists were murdered. The thief, who wore a mask and caped clothes, was killed.

The Blackhawk team head for Marlanx. Blackhawk lands with Chop Chop and is escorted to the lab. The Professor is warned by Blackhawk that his life is in danger and he must retire to his room. Blackhawk leaves the office and immediately the masked, caped intruder enters the window, attacks the Professor with a knife, and leaves him to die. Blackhawk hears a moan and returns to see the enemy escape out the window and reach a bat plane on the runway. The chase in the sky is on. Even with machine-gun bullets through the canopy of his plane, Blackhawk is wary to shoot the two pilots down for fear of losing the formula. The masked murderers are followed to their home base, a castle on an island of cliffs. Blackhawk's plane is hit, he jumps out directly onto the bat-plane, it lands and he is captured.

King Murderer (a creepy rat like man) introduces himself and his island of hooded henchmen, the 'Rule Murderers'. This is where murder is practised as a fine art. He describes his plan to rule the world with the fuel formula. Blackhawk breaks free and attempts to overpower and capture King Murder, but there are too many guards. He is recaptured and tied to a sacrificial stone. A handmaiden knicks his cheek with a swift knife throw. Then a 'Rule Murderer' wounds Blackhawk's arm. The Blackhawk team arrives and quickly overpowers the 'Rule Murderers', freeing their leader. Blackhawk immediately follows 'King Murderer' back into the Palace. He is shocked to actually see the handmaiden's death carried out by the coward's sword. The formula falls to the ground and Blackhawk swoops to retrieve it. Andre enters the room, attacking 'King Murderer' and leaving him to die from bullet wounds. The followers of this hideous monster are found to be drugged and hypnotized. All of them had committed suicide. The flying hero's were pleased to leave the spooky island. End

My Name Is Fear! : Blackhawk and his followers are invited to the Harem of Kimrouk. He is introduced to Prince G'hor on landing. The Prince is delighted to see Blackhawk in his country and wishes him well for the celebrations soon to take place. The Black Knights are suspicious of the circumstances under which they were invited to this part of the world. In the guest room of the palace, Blackhawk is introduced to none other than his friend, Fear! She recalls how they had met during the Nithar affair in Zorinia and that she has the secret code to call the Blackhawks. Fear asks Blackhawk to meet her at midnight at the Inn of the Blackdove.

After enjoying the evening show and dancing festival, Blackhawk retires to bed upstairs in the palace. Almost at midnight, Blackhawk lowers himself from the window down to the pavement. Quickly moving through the city street he stops to ask for directions and is immediately accosted by thieves looking for easy money and jewels. Blackhawk smashes his way through the bandits, dragging them into the Inn where Fear shouts to the locals to leave Blackhawk alone. Fear explains to Blackhawk that Prince G'hor is acting stupid because of his involvement with Princess Zarra, an adventurer from Europe. While this is happening, outside Zarra's guards have taken up positions behind the Inn ready to destroy everyone inside. A grenade lands inside the Inn and one of Fear's men dives on the grenade to muffle the explosion, killing himself. Busting through the door of the Inn, the Princess Zarra's guards are shocked to see Blackhawk and Fear still alive. Overpowered by Blackhawk and Fear, the bandits explain they had written orders from Princess Zarra explaining that Blackhawk and Fear must be eliminated as a threat to Zarra's plot to plunder the citizens of Kimrouk, Prince Ghor's Principality! The leader of the bandits breaks free but Fear show no remorse and draws her pistol, shooting him dead. Blackhawk arranges for his men to attack the guards who are looking after Princess Zarra's interests in the Palace. This is quickly carried out and they gain entrance to most parts of the palace. Realising that Fear has gone off on her own, Blackhawk goes looking for her. He arrives in time to see the hated Princess Zarra cut down by a hail of Fear's bullets. She turns and says they will not have any more problems. The Prince enters the room and is horrified to see Princess Zarra dead on the Palace floor. He threatens to have Blackhawk killed, but he is confronted with the written evidence which explains the plot that Zarra was carrying out and realises that he was lucky to have Blackhawk and Fear with him. Blackhawk tells the Prince that Fear was the one responsible for getting the Hawks to the Palace and how she had secretly looked after his security. The Prince immediately asks for her hand in marriage. Fear regretfully declines, explaining her work adventures are required in all parts of the world and, also, she does have someone else she admires. Blackhawk smiles quietly. End

Text Adventure 2pages: In an area of Africa where the desert and forest meet, tribes have parted with valuable jewels and food in ceremonies to deliver there dead to an oasis were the 'blessed people' come to pickup and deliver them to the 'here after'. Blackhawk detects foul play and soon finds where the greedy people live. He is attacked by the leader but overpowers him with help from the Blackhawks. They destroy the camp and deliver the wealth back to the tribes' witch doctor.

Allies of the Crocodiles: The Crocodile, a Mexican man with ugly features, calls for assistance from Blackhawk to help in his town. Just after arrival in the mountains, Blackhawk is attacked in a car heading to the village. The bandits' retreat but one is captured when his cohorts realise that Blackhawk is too powerful for them. They leave their friend and ride off into the hills. The Crocodile tells Blackhawk he does not have the respect of the people because of his appearance. An arrangement is made to allow the bandit to escape with Blackhawks men following. They discover that the trail stops at the home of Ontero's society leader. The President is informed of the discovery and a possible plot. Blackhawk enters the club where the social leader, Senior Gordo, is staying. After entering the club, Blackhawk is captured. Senior Gordo orders the knife thrower to kill Blackhawk. Chop Chop arrives down the chimney, firing a log straight into Senior Gordos head and knocking him out. Just then the Crocodile arrives and Blackhawk arrests him, explaining to everyone that the Crocodile is the real leader of the outlaw gang. He was the only one who knew when Blackhawk was arriving in town so he was the one who informed the bandits about the arrival. End

Inside main cover 'Pepsi The Pepsi-Cola Cop' cartoon

Thanks to Barry Williams for writing the synopsis for this issue.

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