Issue No. 16

Autumn 1947

New Worlds to Conquer!- Scientist Maynard Trover is kidnapped by grossly obese Mr. Mortis and his gang who want to steal Trover's rocket discoveries. The Blackhawks intervene to rescue Trover and round up Mr. Mortis and his crew. There's a scene where Blackhawk is about to be tortured with hot irons.

The Condor Man! - Diana Lewis, reporter, tries to get an exclusive interview with Blackhawk. Her plane is captured by a giant condor and taken to a mysterious island (with Blackhawk along). Hugo Rogers, a physio-chemist has learned to increase the size of animals to gigantic proportions. Blackhawk stops his mad experiments.

Chop Chop--untitled story where Chop Chop vacations in Mexico and gets mistaken for local tough Don Beppo, who is at war with Don Cesar. Hilarity ensues until the mistake is noted.

"Little Nettie's Ghost" 2-page text story

Stark the Scoundrel! - Killer Stark is electrocuted, but revived by Dr. Trevor who uses a juice derived from rare plants. It revives Stark, but turns him green. Stark goes on a crime rampage that takes all the Blackhawks to stop him. He ends up dying a second time.

"Burp the Twerp" 1-page gag story

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue and Keith Hammond for submitting the synopsis.

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