Issue No. 17

Winter 1947

Wilson the Pirate - (my title) Chuck looks for his long lost father, who disappeared 25 years prior. Blackhawk and Chuck find Wilson's island, while simultaneously the other Blackhawks are looking for the pirates. Wilson, of course, is the leader of the pirates, and the Blackhawks eventually coordinate and end the pirate threat. Blackhawk finds out Wilson is Chuck's father (so Chuck's full name is Chuck Wilson), but decides to keep the news to himself.

The Shaman - (my title) The Blackhawks and Fear team up to fight the Shaman of North City. The Shaman has created the "thimble of death," basically small, yet powerful, explosives that cause disaster throughout the city.

Chop Chop "The Emporer's Jewels" Chop Chop trades places with an actor in a play to foil a jewel robbery.

"Of Men and Murder" 2-page Blackhawk text story

King for a Day! - Queen Mokina of Jombore decides Blackhawk should be her king (when the Blackhawks land on Jombore for repairs), or he gets beheaded. Blackhawk wiggles out of the marriage jam and gets a local named Hakdar in line for the honor.

Thanks to Keith Hammond for submitting the synopsis.

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