Issue No. 19

June 1948

Story #1 - The Blackhawks detect a strong power source while on routine patrol. Investigating, they meet Dr. Omega, his lovely companion Moth, and several robots living in a cave. Dr. Omega has developed a power ray to allow him to sleep for 100 years until the current governments wear each other out with war, at which time he will awaken to rule the world. He tries to take the Blackhawks into the future with him, but is defeated and perishes.

Story #2 - Blackhawk friend, Fear, a lovely woman of the west, infiltrates the desert city of El Kebir. The ruler of the city, the Kadi, and an evil scientist, Dr. Spowle, have invented a way to control tigers to attack desert caravans and steal their goods. They are soon defeated by the Blackhawks, aided by Fear.

Chop-Chop - Chop asks Marvelo the Great to teach him magic tricks to entertain the Blackhawks, but instead is captured and held for ransom. Chop turns the tables, and forces Marvelo to pay the ransom to hire a sorcerer to teach Chop sorcery.

The Tomb of Ra-Aneth: Visiting an Egyptian museum, the Blackhawks view the mummy of princess Noma. After a magic Scarab was placed around her neck, the princess comes alive and disappears. The Hawks investigate, and are attacked by sheik Abd El Rhassid who believes the scarab holds the key to the treasures of Ra-Aneth. Searching the ancient tomb of Noma, the Blackhawks find the tomb of Ra-Aneth, and Ra-Aneth himself still alive, having discovered the secret of preserving life. About to be sacrificed, the Blackhawks are saved by Noma, and agree not to tell of the 5,000 year old Egyptians living in Ra-Aneth's tomb.

Wun Gloo: The defective detective 1 pager.

Note the similarity between the cover of this issue and that of Blackhawk #47.

Thanks to Roger Hill for contributing the synopsis.

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