Issue No. 20

August 1948

Rugoth, God of Greed - The Hawks receive a letter from the mysterious Madame Fear asking for help against the worshippers of a recently installed stone statue of a god named Rugoth. The people of Frangastan were forced to sacrifice their belongings but now Rugoth is starting to demand human sacrifices. Fear explains Frangastan's belief in deities and its hierarchy arranged for a foreign sculptor named Strellos to create and carve one. But once installed, it has developed a voice and taken control of the country's people. After the Hawks arrive, they are apprehended by suspicious townspeople and presented to Rugoth. They, along with Fear, are to be held captive and, eventually, sacrificed to the stone god. A frantic escape (using Hendrickson as a battering ram. Poor old man ), after witnessing guards leading Fear to the sacrificial alter, bring the Hawks face to face with an animated Rugoth.

All That Glittars - (my title) In the elegant and wealthy city of Glittar, the government is run by the gambling and highbrow sports interests. Its reigning leader, Countess Carlova, grows bored with her life and desires to enliven it. She requests the presence of Blackhawk, creating an imaginary danger and intrigue she feels will attract him. Unknown to Carlova, a group of disreputable men plan on seizing control of the city and robbing it. The Hawks appear and accidents start to occur. The Hawks believe Carlova is responsible for them but soon learns otherwise.

Chop Chop 8 page story

2 page Blackhawk text story: "The Storm King is Trapped"

Mr. Powder - A building contractor joins forces with a man who has the ability to destroy metal and stone structures with a wave of his hands. Mr. Powder holds other contractors' buildings for ransom. If they refuse to pay him, Powder destroys their new buildings. The Hawks are requested to intervene as Powder, while under arrest for suspicion of bribery and terrorism, flattens the city jail and escapes. The Hawks experiment with the debris to try develop a weapon to combat Mr. Powder.

Thanks to Don Secrease for submitting the synopsis.

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