Issue No. 183

April 1963

Killer Shark's Sea Fortress (a two part story): Blackhawk, Andre, Chuck, Hendy and Killer Shark are trapped in the latter's sea going fortress when it is drawn to the bottom of the ocean by mermen (not the ones from No. 145) where the Blackhawks learn that the sea fortress was stolen from the mermen by Killer Shark. Killer Shark claims the Blackhawks helped him steal it so they are all locked up. The merman built the fortress to defend them from a huge marauding creature. The Blackhawks lead the mermen in defense of their city and destroy the creature using Killer Shark's weapons.

Bravo - the Blackhawk Chimp: An animal trainer sends a chimpanzee to the Blackhawks when he can no longer care for the ape. The chimp soon proves himself to be brave and smarter than most of the humans that appear in the story. He is given the name Bravo and adopted as an official mascot. Then Bravo is stolen by crooks and trained to commit crimes. There is a show down between the crooks and the Blackhawks. The team is no longer sure they can trust Bravo, but in a final showdown, Bravo chooses the Blackhawks over the crooks and they welcome him back.

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