Issue No. 192

The Mirage Blackhawks: Blackhawk crashes in the Sahara and stumbles into a mirage city where he seems to have super powers and he finds other Blackhawks there. Only the other Blackhawks are aliens and then the whole city is gone and he's not sure if it was real or a mirage until he finds a wrecked space ship in the desert.

King Condor's Fabulous Birds: A significant story on two counts. First the return of King Condor, one of the better recurring Blackhawk foes. This time, King Condor has found a map that will lead him to the eggs of three legendary birds, the basilisk, the thunder bird and the roc. These in turn will lead him to the golden statue of the Phoenix, which will give him immortality. Just in time, Blackhawk smashes the statue, and the giant birds disappear. This story sees the introduction of a new aircraft for the Blackhawks, replacing their beautiful but old Lockheed F-90C's. The new plane is a Republic F-105 modified with VTOL fans in the wings.

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