Issue No. 196

May 1964

A Firing Squad for Blackhawk: The Blackhawks accept a secret mission for the United Nations from a faceless contact called Mr. Cypher (this was to be an ongoing plot line and signaled the beginning of the decline and fall of the Blackhawks.) The mission is to capture a Japanese war criminal hiding out in South America. He turns out to be an old enemy, Colonel Frog, who wants to rebuild the Japanese Empire, using a powerful super weapon. He brainwashes the Blackhawks to help him. When Blackhawk breaks frees himself, Frog orders the other Blackhawks into a firing squad to execute him.

Blackhawk By-Lines: This issue begins a letters page by printing biographies of Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera, along with comic style portraits.

Five Broken Guns: The first of the popular "Blackhawk World War II Combat Diary." An exciting story of the Blackhawks fighting behind German lines in France. With only .30 machine guns against mortars and tanks, the Black Knights use their wits to win the day.

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