Issue No. 200

September 1964

Queen Killer Shark: Other comics make a big deal of the 200th issue, at least making some note of the accomplishment on the cover. All DC did for the Blackhawks was ruin one of their best recurring characters. In this story, Killer Shark captures Zinda, Lady Blackhawk, and gives her a potion that turns her evil. She joins him as Queen Killer Shark and fights against her old comrades, the Blackhawks. With her knowledge of Blackhawk Island, she gains access to the Blackhawks' Victory Museum and turns trophy weapons like the War Wheel and the steel octopus against the Black Knights. At the end of the story, Killer Shark is captured but Zinda, Queen Killer Shark, is still at large.

From the Blackhawk World War II Combat Diary - Chained Enemies: Blackhawk is returning with Capt. Reihhardt von Keppel, an important POW, when his plane is shot down. He handcuffs himself to the Nazi ace and struggles back to Allied lines, fighting German soldiers and von Keppel all the way.

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