Issue No. 224


September 1966

The Blackhawk Wreckers: An organization calling itself the Blackhawk Wreckers uses giant mechanical devices and electronic surveillance to stymie every move of the Blackhawks. It reaches a point where some of the team quits. Of course, it's really a trick and the missing members show up in time to put the final blow on the Wreckers.

Combat Diary - General Stanislaus: Stan lets himself be shot down over Poland so he can pass plans to an old friend who is a general in the resistance. When the general is killed, Stan must take his place to carry out the raid. The Blackhawks planes in this story again seem to be birdcage Corsairs, though the inverted gull wing kind of comes and goes, so sometimes they look a bit like P-47's or maybe F6F Hellcats.

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