Issue No. 226

November 1966

The Secret Monster of Blackhawk Island: The Planner "accidentally" loses his helmet in a fight with the Blackhawks. When they place the helmet in the Victory Museum on Blackhawk Island, it activates the dangerous trophies which smash out of the museum. The War Wheel rolls over the "island dungeon," breaking it open and releasing a huge monster that had been imprisoned there. The monster follows the waves from the helmet back to the Planner's hideout, wreaking havoc. He seems unstoppable, until the two attractive aliens who had left the monster in the Blackhawks' care show up to take him home. A bit of an anti-climax. This is the first story to credit both the writer and the artists (France Herron, Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera).

Combat Diary - The Mystery Prisoner of Stalag 13: Olaf let's himself be interned in a prison camp so he can rescue a Swedish scientist being held there and forced to work on a secret project. The camp turns out to be a fake, but Olaf manages to escape with the scientist and blow up the real project.

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