Issue No. 228

January 1967

The Junk-heap Heroes!: The story opens with Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and the Flash in the office of President Nixon stating that the Blackhawks are washed up and should be retired. Meanwhile, Mr. Delta (who looks just like Mr. Cipher) is testing the team against a mechanical adversary. The robot admonishes them for not being "hip" and "modern." Then the story flashes back to their unsuccessful attempts to catch a master criminal called Jolly Roger (as in the pirate). Along the way, Blackhawk encounters Queen Killer Shark, and when she hits her head on a rock, Zinda returns to her real, non-evil personality.

The story is resolved when they find that Jolly Roger is really Mr. Delta, the "Man from G.E.O.R.G.E," a top secret government agency and the whole thing was a test to see if they still are capable of being crime fighters. At the end, Blackhawk makes an impassioned call for them to be given a chance to prove that they can adapt to modern times. Obviously, this issue expressed a real problem with a lagging sales, but the solution adopted was not correct, as the next few issues were to show. The only good thing to come from this was the return of Lady Blackhawk.

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