Issue No. 229


February 1967

The Junk-heap Heroes, Part 2: The Blackhawks put themselves through a rigorous training program to become modern secret agents. Meanwhile, the "Emperor" wants to cement his control of all the world gangs (like SPECTRE, OGRE and THRUSH) by killing the Blackhawks (why this would work if they really are washed up is not explained). We are shown that the Blackhawks have adopted new secret identities; Hendrickson is the "Weapons Master," Chuck is the "Listener" (because of his electronics expertise), and Blackhawk has the silliest name, the "Big Eye" (because he works from an hawk shaped orbital station from which he can see everything) but at least he doesn't wear a goofy costume (the green and red uniform looks good compared to what the rest of the team are stuck with).

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