Issue No. 244

Jan.-Feb. 1976

After a hiatus of over seven years, the Blackhawks were back. Written by Steve Skeates, drawn by George Evans, and with a cover by Joe Kubert, the Black Knights had new uniforms that were the blue of the old uniforms but with red trim and collars open to the waist. Liu Huang had a more politically correct nick name, Chopper, and Zinda was replaced with a new female character, Duchess Ramona Fatale, a mercenary leader. The Blackhawks themselves were sort of mercenaries, taking in missions for the U.S. government for a price. All the Blackhawks but Hendrickson had individual lives when they were not on missions. Blackhawk, as Mr. Cunningham, ran a large corporation, Cunningham Aircraft. Stan was the financial manager for Cunningham Aircraft, Chopper was a test pilot, and Chuck was the head of the company's research operation. Andre and Olaf lived in Europe, Olaf as a ski instructor and Andre's job was not explained, though he may have owned a night club (since that's the only place he was seen).

Death's Right Hand: Hendrickson returns to Blackhawk Island, where he lives alone, and finds Ramona waiting for him. Her island base has been occupied by unknown forces and her men killed. She wants to hire the Blackhawks to regain her island. Flying new aircraft (twin engine, VTOL planes, not based on any real aircraft) the team does recapture the island from a villain called Vibrax, who can vibrate things to destruction.

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