Issue No. 257

April 1983

Man to Man, Man to Monster!: The mutated Stan has been sent by Hitler to destroy the Eiffel Tower. Blackhawk, unaware that the monster is Stan, tries to destroy him. But he is still affected by the medallion and fails. Something of Stan remains in the monster, and he doesn't kill Blackhawk when he has the chance, but does capture him for the Germans. The rest of the team has found Professor Merson, the inventor of the mutation process, and the antidote but Domino rescues him from them. Meanwhile, Von Tepp has Blackhawk. Unaware of its power, he takes Blackhawk's medallion as a trophy of his triumph. Since he is weak and evil, the medallion's effects are immediate and dramatic. Von Tepp dies of fright. The team finds Blackhawk and the monster. They realize the monster is Stan and give him the antidote.

A good wrap up for the story started two issues earlier, even though this use of Von Tepp is out of continuity. A striking cover by Howard Chaykin may presage his interest in Blackhawk, which led to his revisionist Prestige Format mini-series.

Detached Service Diary - They Also Serve...: Stan is unhappy about missing the action when it's his turn for sentry duty on Blackhawk Island. But he gets plenty of action when a giant Nazi robot attacks the island. He leads the jet propelled robot into an active volcano where it is destroyed. Where he found an active volcano in Europe in WW II is not explained, but it is still a nice, old fashioned Blackhawk story. (illustrated by John Severin)

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