Issue No. 258

May 1983

The Death of Blackhawk Island!: The Blackhawks discover tunnels under France made by a huge boring machine invented by Professor Merson, and clues that suggest that the Germans have developed an atomic bomb. They lower Andre's wrecked Skyrocket into the tunnel and Blackhawk and Chop-Chop use it to explore the tunnels while the rest of the team returns to Blackhawk Island. Blackhawk gets the only set of plans for the bomb from Himmler and returns to the island. There they discover that the only atomic bomb the Germans have is on the way to Blackhawks Island. They evacuate to a beach on the mainland. They watch the mushroom cloud form over Blackhawk Island. Only then to do they realize they have forgotten the nurse who was caring for the still comatose Stan. Andre, who had been dallying with the nurse, is heart struck.

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