Issue No. 259

June 1983

The Tomb of the Unknown Blackhawk!: Winslow Shirk, a 4-F milksop, watches newsreel reports of the Blackhawks' exploits and decides to join them. Exposure to radiation at the site of the former Blackhawk Island (see issue 258) turns him invisible. He uses his new found power to aid the Blackhawks in unmasking a double of Hitler who has been performing daring feats to make the real Hitler look good. A comparatively light hearted story that provided some needed comic relief from the super-serious stories proceeding it, but still with good character development. I was not so happy with its introduction of such poor science (radioactivity doesn't turn you invisible) into an otherwise realistic series.

Detached Service Diary- The Long Road Runs Both Ways!: On a Swiss mountain top, Chop-Chop finds a Chinese-style mansion. Curious, he investigates. He is shocked to find Soong Kai-sen, the leader of the resistance in Wu Cheng (Chop-Chop)'s native Manchuria. Chop-Chop saves the old man from a Japanese ninja assassin. He convinces Soong to return to Manchuria because he is needed there. Soong asks him why he is still here, then. (illustrated by Bill Ziegler)

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