Issue No. 260

July 1983

Detached Service Diary - The One That Got Away!: After being shot down over German occupied France, Andre is taken in by the resistance. There he finds Monique, his one true love. He saves her from the Germans and she begs him to stay and lead the resistance. But he has to return to the Blackhawks. She does not understand and accuses him of seeking glory. Back with the team, Andre is wonders if she is right. (illustrated by Howard Chaykin)

Detached Service Diary - The Funny Man!: Hendrickson destroys a FW 190 in a dogfight, but is wounded. When he lands on the same island where the FW 190 went down to find medical care from a US Army base that is supposed to be there. He attends a USO show where a young GI tells jokes at the commanding general's expense. Hendy doesn't appreciate the comic's humor either and accuses him of being a coward. Hendy spots the Nazi pilot in the crowd, disguised as a GI. The comic is placed under arrest by the general but stops the Nazi from killing Hendy and changes his mind about him. (illustrated by Dick Rockwell)

Detached Service Diary - Barnacle Bill: Blackhawk meets Bill Leachman, an old friend who begs to be smuggled out in Blackhawk's plane to escape some gamblers who are after him. Bill sells Blackhawk out to the Gestapo, who send three freelance fighter planes after him. Of course, Blackhawk out flies them. On the ground, Bill tries once more to betray his "friend," but Blackhawk has wised up and given him and unloaded gun. He leaves Bill to his own fate. (illustrated by Alex Toth and Frank Giacoia)

Blackhawk Bylines printed an interview in which Will Eisner discussed the creation of the Blackhawks.

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