Issue No. 272

September 1984

The Domino Principle!: Helga is trained and programmed to become the new Domino. In Algiers, she captures Andre and uses him as bait to draw Blackhawk to her. He recognizes her as the woman who he had loved, and she remembers him too, and after an emotional struggle, overcomes her programming. She is sent to England for psychiatric counseling and Blackhawk promises to see her again.

Detached Service Diary - The Artist: Hendrickson is unimpressed with a GI who makes his contribution by painting pictures on the noses of aircraft. He thinks this is a waste of time. He doesn't think the contribution to morale is real. Then the Mosquito bomber Hendy is flying to transport Churchill to a meeting is hijacked by a Nazi pilot who wants to assassinate Churchill. But when the plane lands, it is met by armed troops because the artist had painted a warning on the plane's side. Hendy reconsiders his opinion of the artist's contribution to the war. (illustrated by Ken Steacy) This story was a tribute to Dan Spiegle, who had painted nose art during the war, and the artist in the story is Ken Steacy's characture of Spiegle.

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