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Military Comics Issue No. 8

March 1942

Writer: Dick French, Artist: Chuck Cuidera (Cover art by Cuidera)

The Sunken Island of Death!: A freighter spots a rock rising from the water in the middle of the Atlantic. Its strategic location makes it the immediate goal of America, Britain and Germany. Ships from all three nations rush to claim the new island. Two German cruisers arrive first. They find the island already occupied by the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks fight off the Nazis. When one cruiser leaves to attack an unescorted convoy, Blackhawk sends the rest of the team off to destroy it while he defends the island single-handedly. The team bombs the cruiser and saves the convoy. In the mean time, Blackhawk has discovered that the island is volcanic and about to blow up. He tries to warn the Germans on the island but instead, they capture him and place him in a small boat filled with dynamite and pushed off into the sea, to watch the long fuse burn down. Sure enough, the island explodes, destroying the cruiser and its crew. Blackhawk seems doomed, but Chop Chop drops down on a rope from Olaf's plane and throws his cleaver to cut Blackhawk free. Blackhawk graps the dangling end of the rope and is pulled into the sky just as the boat explodes. The American destroyers arrive at the spot where the island is supposed to be and find only water and the Blackhawks flying off into the sunset.

I enjoyed this story. It has some great art work, especially the action scenes. The story even makes sense, given the premise of a volcanic island appearing in the middle of the island. It is signed by 'Chas. Cuidera'.

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