Modern Comics Issue No. 77

September 1948

The Beast Men - The four Martek Brothers, all scientists, travel to different corners of the world to perfect an experiment in magma energy originally started by their father. One by one, three of the brothers are killed in their labs and the Hawks race to protect the last surviving Martek, his lab hidden atop a small plateau deep in a South American jungle. Blackhawk must uncover the mystery of the Martek killer and the origin of the strange beastmen who are subservient to the last, living Martek.

Other stories in this issue:
      Dog Tag
      Will Bragg
      Skipper (1pger)
      Blackhawk text story: The Century Powder
      Choo Choo

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue and Don Secrease for submitting the synopsis..

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