Modern Comics Issue No. 79

November 1948

BLACKHAWK CHALLENGES FATE - The Eastern kingdom of Krafora is dominated by the worship of FATE, who here seems to take on human form. The story opens with the messenger of fate summoning a young couple to serve Fate. When they refuse, he strikes them down with a lightning bolt. The bodies are seen by the Blackhawks who land to investigate. They discover strange amulets on the bodies but are challenged by an old man who warns them not to challenge Fate, the ruler of the land. When they are unimpressed, he rouses the locals to attack them but the Blackhawks easily defeat them. The old man then changes his approach and offers them some of the amulets as a peace offering. Shortly after, the messenger of Fate arrives and summons Blackhawk to attend his master. Blackhawk plays along to find out what Fate is up to. After he has left, the others find that the amulets contain miniature receivers for radio beams. They follow Blackhawk who is wearing one to warn him. They are foiled however by the secret door into Fate's temple. Blackhawk is brought before Fate who turns out to be the old man who gave him the amulet. Fate strikes him down with a lightning bolt to teach him what will happen if he and the others do not agree to serve Fate. Blackhawk is imprisoned but he discovers the truth about the amulet. He over powers a guard and finds that he is carrying a miniature radio beam transmitter. Meanwhile, the other Blackhawks manage to get into the temple by following another of Fate's henchmen through the secret door. Battle ensues and our heroes are again victorious and Fate kills himself with his own fake lightning bolt.

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue and to Colin Blake for the synopsis..

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