2001 John Dunaj

The Antares is a Star Class cruiser of the Rocket Patrol. The Star Class cruisers are the most advanced ships in the Rocket Patrol and in the Solar System. Their powerful engines, deadly weapons, and long range sensors make them very effective against the pirates, criminals and warlords who threaten the peace of the spaceways.
 2001-2002 Dan Thompson
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Specifications: Star class cruiser: built at the Terra Alta orbital dockyard.

Power plant: 4.5 gigawatt atomic reactor
Engines: one N-155 atomic rocket engine producing 5.5 million pounds of thrust. three NJ-33 atomic ramjet boosters producing 250,000 pounds thrust each
Length: 259 feet 6 inches
Beam: 33 feet 7 inches
Weight: 673 tons
Speed: 0.6 c
Endurance: 160 days (limited by air, food and water supplies for crew)
Armament: two Mk-45 ray-cannon; two 15" missile tubes firing multi-purpose missiles
Crew: 3 to 5.

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