Models That Won at the IPMS Nats

The International Plastic Modelers Society hosts a national convention every year. A big part of the convention is a contest for scale models. When I discovered this, my competitive instincts kicked into high gear and for a number of years I was very serious about building models to compete at the national level. I kind of burned out on that after a decade or so and now I build for my own satisfaction, but when I was competing, I did fairly well. Below is a list of the models that won at the Nats.

Click on a picture or model name to go to the photo album for that model. There you will find more and larger photos and descriptions of the models and how they were built.

HMS Undine

1978 Atlanta, GA; 1st Place Ships Conversions


1978 Atlanta, GA; 2nd Place Ships Scratchbuilt

HMS Victory

1982 St. Louis, MO; 1st Place Ship Dioramas

HMS Nonsuch

1984 Atlanta, GA; 2nd Place Ships Conversions and Scratchbuilt

HMS Kestrel

1985 Indianapolis, IN; 1st Place Ships Scratchbuilt and Judges Best-of-Show Ships

HMS Gorgon

1987 Washington, DC; 1st Place - Ship Conversions

Moby Dick diorama

1988 Dayton, OH; 2nd Place Ships Diorama

USRC Alabama

1988 Dayton, OH; 2nd Place Ships Scratchbuilt

Anchor Hoy

1989 San Diego, CA; 2nd Place Ships Conversions and Scratchbuilt

HMS Wasp

1990 Miami, FL; 1st Place Sci-Fi Scratchbuilt and Judges Best-of-Show Spacecraft

Cloudship Bloodrunner

1991 St. Louis, MO; 1st Place Sci-Fi Scratchbuilt

Death Star Diorama

1995 Albuquerque, NM; 3rd Place Sci-Fi Diorama

Batplane of 1940

1996 Virginia Beach, VA; 2nd Place Hypothetical

Blackhawk Aircraft Collection

1997 Columbus, OH; 1st Place Collections

Batmobile of 1966

1998 Santa Clara, CA; 1st Place Custom Auto

Giant Mechanical Scorpion

1999 Orlando, FL; 3rd Place Sci-Fi Diorama

Batmobile Collection

1999 Orlando, FL; Honorable Mention Collections

StarForce Ringship

2012 Orlando, FL; 2nd Place Sci-Fi Scratchbuilt

Generic 1950's Spaceship

2015 Columbus, OH; 2nd Place Sci-Fi Scratchbuilt

Convair Manned Nuclear Interplanetary Vehicle

2015 Columbus, OH; 3rd Place Hypothetical Spacecraft

HMS Thunder Child

2015 Columbus, OH; 3rd Place Sci-Fi Dioramas

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