Comic Courier No. 6

Publication Date: 1971

Editor: Mark Ammerman

#6 was a Blackhawk issue, according to the editor's comments. It featured a number of Blackhawk illustrations, including the cover (reproduced at right). Most of the artwork was amateurish, but still enjoyable for its fannish enthusiasm. The other Blackhawk content was a short commentary on how the "superhero" Blackhawks was a terrible idea (something with which most fans would agree), a fanfiction story about a man who accidently is sent back to 1941 where he learns the reality of the Blackhawks is not the same as their legend, and a illustrated comic strip that is a pretty decent parody of the superhero Blackhawks.

The writing and art is hardly professional, but it still has a certain charm. And as I said about Comic World, I am amazed at the energy and effort that went into producing a zine like this using typewriters and mimeographs. I know I did the same sort of thing back then, but it is all a vague memory now and I wonder how we did it.

Thanks to Bob Fulker for providing a copy of this zine.

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