Military Comics No. 42

September 1945

When We Knock'em Over the Fence, We Can all Go Home: Golda, a beautiful blonde woman rescued from a Japanese prison camp refuses to talk to anyone but Blackhawk. She tells him of a major enemy base and they fly off to scout it. Their plane is shot down and Blackhawk and Golda are separated in the ensuing fight. He takes a Japanese plane and returns to the Blackhawks' base. Right behind him comes Golda inanother Japanese plane. Suspecting nothing, the team and Golda fly back to the enemy base where a mysterious gas knocks out both the aircrafts' engines and their pilots. Of course, Golda is really a spy and the Blackhawks are her prisoners. In a fight, Chop-Chop disarms her and in disgrace, she commits hari-kiri.

Choo Choo: She takes a job with a traveling medicine show.

Death Patrol (by Al Stahl): When Herman the Hermit's windmill abode is haunted by a ghost, the sheriff calls in the "Death Patrol     Th' International Super-assistants!" The ghost is really a crooked oil man trying to scare Hermin off his property because there's oil underneath his mill. The five fearless flyers "back" their planes up to the windmill (in the air) and use the prop wash to reverse the mills direction, causing the oil well to come in.

Private Dogtag (by Al Stahl and Ginger): Dogtag saves a beautiful princess from terrorists, only the terrorists are really her court officials.

Ezra (by Sahle): Ezra fixes a deal with his father's biggest customer.

PT Boat: The PTB's crew fight Fujara, the mad, ex-minister of Japan who still fights the war.

This issue has a great cover that is very similar to Dave Cockrum's cover for Blackhawk No. 261.

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