Modern Comics Issue No. 93

      January 1950

Blackhawk lifts the curse of CHORAZIN: Chorazin, capital city of black devil worship, hosts the black pilgrimage. The Master of Evil leads the Brothers of Evil, in the desert country, home of Chorazin. The Blackhawks expose the master of evil as Buggins, an unsuccesful stage magician, and his followers return home to begin acting like decent sensible men.

Torchy - becomes involved with girlfriend Tess and Tess's boyfriend Ed in selling waterfront sites in 'Seaweed Acres'

Will Bragg - enters an archery tournament against Mr. Hood, the archery champion

Ezra - gets between girlfriend Myrna and the newest whistle-bait in school, Lemuella, in the school popularity contest.

(Editor's note:) Compare the composition of this cover with the team all in Republic F-84s to Military #34, where they are flying Grumman F5F-1 Skyrockets.

Thanks to David Chapman for the cover scan and to Roger Hill for the synopsis for this issue.

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