Bill Paul's F5F-1 Skyrocket

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F5F-1 frontF5F-1 side

Minicraft XF5F-1 Skyrocket, 1/48 scale

The kit was built pretty much out of the box. I thought about adding the Lone Star cockpit set, but I just couldn't wait that long! Was very pleased with the overall fit, the only problem area I ran into was the nose cap. This was probably due to the gun bay doors being seperate. If I do another one (and I will, you've got too many color schemes there NOT to) I will leave the guns off and add metal tubing barrels later. I used Corel Draw to size the graphics and printed them on an Alps 4000 dry transfer printer. The printer I have access to does not have the capability to print white, so I ran another copy on paper. To get the white stripe, I paint the areas on the fuselage, then used the paper copy as a templete to cut a mask. Then I applied the masks to the fuselage and painted the other colors. When everthing had dried, I removed the mask, glossed and applied the decals. Everthing worked great - didn't even have to do any touch up. I used the late verticals and left off the arresting hook. I also drilled out the exhaust ports. Overall I was really pleased with the results. And it did cause a stir when I brought it to our local model club meeting.

Model built by and photos and commentary provided by Bill Paul.

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