The Martian Cloudship Bloodrunner

In the thousands of years that they have flown through the skies of Mars, cloudships have evolved a fairly standard layout. Generally, they are dumbell-shaped with wider bow and stern sections connected by a narrower waist section. Most have two masts that extend through the hull with the mast above the hull longer than that projecting below, though some larger cloudships have three or more masts. Warships, especially, have rams projecting forward from the bow and downward from the stern section, but some merchant ships are fitted with rams, as well. Louver slats of liftwood in the hull, controlled by a complicated arrangement of trim levers, can lift the ship to a high altitude.

Bloodrunner is a small kite originally built as a yacht but now used as a dispatch vessel. Although armed with two small cannon, her main defense is her speed.

Specifications: Bloodrunner class cloudship
Type: 2-masted kite
Length: 50 feet (on deck)
Beam: 15 feet
Weight: 100 tons
Maximum speed at sea level: 25 knots
Ceiling: 10,000 feet
Range: 1500 miles
Armament: 2 muzzle-loading cannon
Crew: 10 (1 officer, 9 enlisted).

CLICK HERE to read about my 1/96 scale model of the Martian Cloudship Bloodrunner

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