Adventures on the Red Planet

In 1988, GDW published a role playing game called Space: 1889. The brainchild of Frank Chadwick, the game takes place in an alternate universe that more resembles the worlds of Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs than it does our own. Thus, Mars is a planet populated by ancient races who built a network of canals in an attempt to save their civilization from the encroaching desert. In the universe of Space: 1889, the Canal Martians live in the remnants of their once proud cities while fighting off their barbarous cousins who live in the steppes and high plateaus of the Red Planet. The Moon is honeycombed with caverns where the insectile Selenites hide their secrets. And Venus is a planet-wide swamp full of dinosaurs and primitive amphibious natives. When Thomas Edison invents a space drive, the Ęther Propeller, he opens these strange worlds to the imperial nations of Earth and a wave of interplanetary colonization quickly follows.

This site is my contribution to the universe of Space: 1889. I hope you enjoy it. Dan Thompson

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Space:1889 is Frank Chadwick's registered trademark for his game of Victorian Era space-faring. He has granted permission for the use of the background of Space:1889 for the stories presented here. All text, illustrations, photographs and design are © 2000-2007 Dan Thompson, except where otherwise noted.