What's New

     I have removed all the fiction and the information about ships that I created to support the fiction.

     Had to move to a new web hosting service. I've made a few other changes, like new links to better quality model photos and deleting dead links. Most everything is the same, however.

     Added a new story "A Gun for Dinosaur".

     Added a new story "The Skrill Riders".
     Added new illustrations to the first two parts of "H.M.S. Danger".
     Added new illustrations by John Dunaj to the Gallery.
     Added pages to "Ships" about H.M.S. Danger II.
     Added a page for the skrill.
     Added a page for the Queln.
     Added links to Mateen Greenway's 3D images of the USS Enterprise to the Enterprise page. Also added one of Mateen's pictures to the Sherlock Holmes story as an illustration.

     Wow! Time has really slipped away. I did not realize it has been over four years since I made any changes to the site. Anyway, I have added a new story "H.M.S. Danger".

     If you tried to visit this site anytime in the last few months, you know it was offline. Topcities deleted the site and I was unable to get it re-established at it's original URL, so I had to move it. I apologize for any inconvenience this caused but it was beyond my control.

     Added a link to Chris Chulamanis' Nautilus Model to the Links Page.

     Added pictures of the U.S.S. Enterprise's torpedo by artist, John Dunaj, to the art gallery.

     Added plans for the U.S.S. Enterprise's torpedo.
     Added a new artist, John Dunaj, to the art gallery.
     Added some new material to the science of the ęther page, and to the liftwood page.

     Thanks to a lot of constructive feedback from Captain Peet, I have changed the technical specifications on many of the ship pages to bring them more into line with the game resources. I also have revised "Sherlock Holmes' Adventure on the Red Planet", slightly.

     Added the final chapters of "Sherlock Holmes' Adventure on the Red Planet".
     Added plans and specs for a new ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise.
     Added a new illustration by an artist new to this site, Ron Harris.
     Revised my theory of how the science and technology of the ęther work.

1/2/2001 - I added a close-up shot of a Martian War machine to the War of the Worlds page.

12/19/2000 - When I first created this website, I thought it would be a place to display my Space: 1889 models and make my stories available to anyone who might enjoy them. I thought I would build the site and that would be it. It would be a one time job with minimum upkeep required. Boy, was I wrong! I find the universe of Space: 1889 continually intriquing and I can't seem to leave it alone. I am working on another story and have another model on my work bench. And I have spent way too much time assembling maps, ships' plans and other related material. Of course, I want it all posted here. And it is. I don't know how often I'll be updating this site, but here's the first major overhaul.

As stated above, this has been a major overhaul that I've been working on for the last month or so. I've modified the structure of the site considerably and I've added too much new material to list all of it here, but the highlights are: revised ships plans for Royal Navy flyers; a section on Mars that includes maps and background information; a map of Venus; my ideas about the ęther and ęther propellers; and most of a new novella about Holmes and Watson on Mars.

If this update seems strangely selective about what it includes (why only two Martian animals, for instance) it's because nearly everything here is mentioned in one or another of my Space: 1889 stories. I'm not trying to recreate the entire game resouces here. I do want to provide the background material that makes the stories understandable for any readers who are not familiar with the game resources.

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