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Dave Cockrum Gallery: Blackhawk #261

This was Dave's last cover for the Blackhawk revival in 1982, issue #261. The original drawing for that cover is shown here.

When I originally posted the issue page for Blackhawk #261, I commented on how the composition of this cover strongly resembles that of Military Comics No. 42. I wondered if that was a coincidence or if Cockrum was paying a tribute to the Golden Age Blackhawk with this cover. Dave sent me the following concerning that question:

"In reading, I was led to your mention of the comparative similarity of my Blackhawk #261 cover and the Military #42 cover. It's a coincidence, and then again I guess it's not. I never saw that Military cover until today on your website, but Marv Wolfman, who was either writing or editing Blackhawk at the time--I don't recall which--had asked me to do a cover featuring a giant hawk head in the clouds with the Skyrockets flying out of it. Obviously Marv was either consciously or unconsciously thinking of that Military cover."
Editor's Note: Ernie Colon took over as editor with issue #261, but Marv Wolfman was the editor prior to that and no doubt was the editor when Dave was commissioned to do this cover. If I had to pick a single Blackhawk cover as my favorite, this would be it.

Click on the image to see a larger version (about 160 KB).

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