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Colin Blake tells me that Blackhawk was published in Britain by T. V . Boardman, under an agreement with Quality comics. Colin provides the following:

Here is all I know about the T.V. Boardman Blackhawk comics . Boardman had to keep his prices down to 3d. (0.011 ) .I think it was about $4 =1 back in 1948 so let's say 4 cents a copy . The reason for this was that his main sales outlet was Woolworth's and this was their pricing policy . The comics were produced in two colour photogravure as you have seen and were 12 pages in all . To get them in this format, Denis Mcloughlin cut up and re-shaped the original comics to turn two six-frame pages into one of twelve frames. McLoughlin also drew the new cover designs . There seem to have been two Blackhawk stories in each issue but I can't be sure of this as I only have the one issue . This info is obtained from the International Book of Comics by Denis Gifford.

Colin also provided scans of sample pages from two of the Boardman issues. Click on the pages above to see larger versions. Go to Modern #78 and #79 to read synopsis of the complete stories.

And John Sinclair sent me the following:

I found the International Publications Page very interesting, and was intrigued to discover the 1940s British reprints, but did you know that there were B&W Brit. reprints up till at least the 60s?

I have one or two of them somewhere in my miscellaneous boxes (hey, it's been a long time), but off the top of my head, they were 64 page 'shilling' comics. There were lots of these reprint comics about - my favourites were all the Flyman, Jaguar, etc. Also, the early silver age Marvel stuff, primarily the strange tales, but other non-superhero stuff was always about.

They were to be found in most newsagents as I said, right up till the late 60s. My school friends and I used to swap 'em - 3 of them for one 'proper' yank comic! They were great sources of American comics.

Jim Kealy sent the following addendum to John's info:

Was interested in John Sinclair's comments on the British reprints, however, the page count in those issues was 68 not 64 as stated by John. In case anyone should ask there were 37 issues in the set, the last being The nine Lives of the Catman, (US Blackhawk No.141), not 36 as listed in some guides.

Jim has provided scans and info on several of these reprints.

Modern Comics
Blackhawk Annual #1
Okay Annual of Adventure Stories
Okay Adventure Annual
Spaceways Annual #1
Miracle Man
Jim notes that many of the covers for these collections (but not Miracle Man) were done by Denis Mcloughlin (see above for his work on the Blackhawk reprints).

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