Republic F-84 Thunderjet

This panel is from Blackhawk No. 31, June 1950.
My initial identification of this aircraft was a slightly modified, early model of the F-84. Since then, I've decided the Dassault MD 450 Ouragan may be the aircraft the artist intended to depict. At any rate, this is the Blackhawks' first jet aircraft, which they flew from 1949 to 1950.

The F-84 Thunderjet originated as far back as 1944 when Alexander Kartveli, creator of the P-47 Thunderbolt, began thinking about developing a jet version of the P-47. The basic design was completed before the end of that year. The first prototype flew on Feb. 28, 1946, and the second followed in August. The first operational variant, the F-84B reached fighter units in the summer of 1947. Thunderjets were used in the Korean War.

Specifications: Republic F-84G Thunderjet: Manufactured by Republic Aviation Corp., fighter-bomber
Engine: Allison J35-A-29 turbojet with 5,600 pounds thrust
Wingspan: 36 feet, 5 inches
Length: 38 feet, 1 inch
Height: 12 feet, 7 inches
Weight 23,525 (loaded)
Maximum speed at sea level: 622 mph
Ceiling: 40,500- feet
Range: 2,000 miles
Armament: 6 machine guns and 2,100 pounds of bombs
Crew: 1.

F-84 Model

1/72 Scale

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Sven Knudson's photo of the Republic F-84 Thunderjet at the 97 IPMS Nats

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