Aircraft and Fantastic Machines

The Good Guys

A big attraction of the Blackhawks has always been the cool airplanes they flew. The desire to build a model of the sleek Blackhawk jet I remembered from my comic book reading days in the 1960's led me back to the Blackhawks. I built that model and six more, so far. Here are pictures of the collection, followed by a page for each aircraft.

../ collectionThe Blackhawk Collection --at the 1997 IPMS/USA Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. It won first place in it's class. Photo by Randall Cox.

Sven Knudson's photo of the Blackhawk collection at 97 IPMS Nats

PZL P-50a Jastrzab --The plane that gave Blackhawk his name.

Grumman F5F-1 Skyrocket --The plane the Black Knights flew during World War II.

Republic F-84 Thunderjet --The Blackhawks' first jet aircraft.

Lockheed F-90B --A swept winged beauty.

Lockheed F-90C --An artists' evolution of the real F-90 into a super sleek fighter that lasted till the mid 60's.

Lockheed F-94 Starfire --Lady Blackhawk's plane.

Republic F-105 Thunderchief --A VTOL supersonic fighter.

There are still a lot of Blackhawk aircraft I haven't modeled yet. Here are some of them.
More Blackhawk aircraft

The Blackhawks used other vehicles besides aircraft. Here are a few.
Other Blackhawk Machines

The Hawksub --Terry Semenoff has built a very cool model of the Hawksub.

The Batplane --Okay, this isn't a Blackhawk model, but Batman is a good guy and in The Brave and the Bold, No. 167 he flew the Batplane into combat alongside the Blackhawks' F5F-1s.

The Bad Guys

The Blackhawks had plenty of enemies, and most of them used fantastic machines to commit their foul deeds. Here are some of the recurring villains and their machines, and some one shot bad guys.

Killer Shark --The Blackhawks most persistent villain.

King Condor --The second most seen villian of the Blackhawks.

The Scorpion --The Scorpion used giant mechanical insects to commit his crimes. This page features a 1/72 scale model of a "Giant Mechanical Scorpion."

The War Wheel --Not a villian, but a villianous device that made more appearances than any of the human bad guys.

Bad Guy Aircraft --Since the Blackhawks were a air commando unit, many of their foes were flyers also. Here are some of their aircraft.

Bad Guy Machines --And there are other villianous machines used against the Blackhawks.

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