Crown Colony of Syrtis Major

The first British landing on Mars in 1872 occured the Parhoon plateau.. They established good relations with the ruler of Parhoon and when he was assassinated in a palace coup, the British stepped in and Queen Victoria assumed the regency of Parhoon in the name of the infant heir to the throne. When the city-state of Gorovaan tried to take advantage of the unstable situation by invading, the Parhoonese and British united to defeat them, and then annexed Gorovaan to Parhoon. The next conflict was with Syrtis Major, to the south, and its client states, in 1880. The end of that war saw Syrtis Major, Haatt, and Avenel under British rule as the Crown Colony of Syrtis Major. Parhoon and Gorovaan continued under the Commissioner-Regent, who also was the Governor General of the colony. Moeris Lacus and Meepsoor were treaty dependencies by 1882. Shastapsh was added to the colony in 1887 after a lengthy campaign. In a relatively short time, the British had aquired a sizable colonial empire on Mars. The British are on fairly good terms with their Martian subjects and have an especially close relationship with the Parhoonese and Meepsooris.

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Map of Crown Colony and Surrounding Territory
Map of the City of Syrtis Major
A view of the city of Syrtis Major from the Meepsoor Canal

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