Issue No. 193

... February 1964

The Jailer's Revenge: The Jailer (No. 131) captures all the Blackhawks except Chop-Chop and locks them in an inescapable cell. Chop-Chop uses the travel belt to get help from the secret dimension (Nos. 185 &186). With his super powers he helps the police and gains a time travel device that lets him save the Blackhawks.

The Valley of Angry Giants: Passing through a strange mist in the Andes leads to a valley where everything is giant size. The two archeologists for whom the Black Knights were searching try to steal the Indians' giant ruby but the Blackhawks foil them. Ironically, on leaving the valley they discover that the valley wasn't inhabited by giants, but the mist made them tiny so everything just seemed big.

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