Index of Blackhawk Reprints

Military Comics #1
"Another early reprint was Alan Light's reprint of Military Comics #1 as part of the Flashback series. This too was a black & white reprint (sometimes you see these for sale on eBay). Anyway, the new Millenium edition from DC is a better buy." Submitted on the Discussion Board by 'Doppelganger'.
Les Daniels' Comix
"Karlovna Had a True Underworld from Blackhawk #14, was reprinted (in B&W, sadly) in Les Daniels' book Comix, Mad Peck Studios. The Blackhawk reprint, like all others in this hardcover book, was reduced in size so that two pages of story appeared on each page of the book. Great artwork, probably by Bill Ward!" Submitted on the Discussion Board by 'Jim'.
100-Page Super Spectacular #14
Feb 1973
Reprints "The Treasure of Ghanpat!" from Blackhawk #10.
100-Page Super Spectacular #20
Sep 1973
Another Batman themed issue [cover feature Golden Age Batman vs Two-Face] that also reprints an untitled Blackhawk/Fear story from 1946. Beautiful splash page with Fear emerging from behind a curtain to confront Blackhawk (very reminiscent of the Spirit/P'Gell). The back cover features a small reproduction of the cover to Blackhawk 13 ("Blackhawk Stalks Danger") where the story first appeared. Submitted by Tony Howson.
Blackhawk #9
"By Comic Reprints out of Dallas, Texas. Same size and format as the Flashback No. 5 of Military No. 1.There is no reference to an editor or date published. I recall picking up this copy up at a comic shop around the same time I picked up the Flashback No. 5 ( early 70's). It is a complete reprint of issue No. 9 only it is black and white." Submitted by Bob Fulker.
Secret Origins #6
Jan-Feb 1974
Reprints Blackhawk's origin story, from Military #1.
Brave & Bold #117
Feb-Mar 1975
100 page edition - cover features Batman & Sgt Rock. Reprints "The Menace From Inner Space" (Blackhawk 194, March 1964). Submitted by Tony Howson.
Four Star Spectacular #6
Jan-Feb 1977
Reprints a story in which the Blackhawks battle Tiger-men in a tropical jungle. The story is copyrighted 1946. Tony Howson tells me it is from Blackhawk #11.
America at War: The Best of DC War Comics
Reprint volume from Fireside Books (Simon & Schuster) edited by Michael Uslan. (This was the same series that included the various Marvel reprint books, e.g., ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS, BRING ON THE BAD GUYS.) The book includes a reprint of Blackhawk's first appearance and origin from MILITARY COMICS #1 amongst its selection of DC war stories from the 40s through the 70s. It doesn't have any other Blackhawk material, sadly, although it does include the first appearance of Enemy Ace from SHOWCASE and the very intense, four-page story "Kamikaze" by Sam Glanzman. Submitted by Aaron Severson.
Blackhawk #7
October 1989
Reprints the origin story from Military #1.
The Greatest Golden Age Stories Ever Told
Reprints "The Plateau of Oblivion" from Modern Comics #67.
The Greatest 1950's Stories Ever Told
Reprints "The Raid on Blackhawk Island" from Blackhawk #109.
Millenium Edition: Military Comics #1
October 2000
Reprints Military Comics #1, originally published August 1941.
The Blackhawk Archives, Volume1
Reprints the first 17 Blackhawk stories.

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