The Brave and the Bold, No. 167


October 1980.

Ice Station Alpha!: It's September 19, 1944. Batman is tracking Nazi agents stealing scientific equipment in Gotham City. The Blackhawks are trailing a missing Allied agent, who they find frozen in the middle of the desert. A huge Nazi machine rises from the ocean outside of Gotham and sends a tidal wave against the city. Batman and the Blackhawks follow the separate trails that lead them to a vast, secret Nazi base in the arctic, Ice Station Alpha, from which the power for the machine attacking Gotham is coming. Flying his sleek Batplane, Batman joins the Blackhawks in a fierce aerial battle that destroys the German base.

A good story with great art. I used this story as a reference for my models of the early Batplane and for the F5F-1. These are hands-down the best illustrations of both.

Written by Marv Wolfman, illustrated by Dave Cockrum and Dan Adkins, lettered by Ben Oda, colored by Adrienne Roy, and edited by Paul Levitz.

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