Index of Blackhawk Appearances

The Blackhawks appeared in other comic books, usually as quest stars, but sometimes in other capacities.

Hit Comics #26
January 1943
The first known cross-over by Blackhawk in another title.
Justice League of America #107
October 1973
The Blackhawks make a one panel appearance.
Slow Death #7
Winter 1976-77
Blackhawk dies in WW II.
Justice League of America/#144
July 1977
The Blackhawks help the JLA battle an alien invasion.
The Brave and the Bold, No. 167
October 1980
The Blackhawks team up with Batman to destroy a secret Nazi superweapon.
The Uncanny X-Men, No. 158
June 1982
Blackhawk makes a partial cameo appearance in an X-Men story.
DC Comics Presents, No. 69
May 1984
The Blackhawks team up with Superman to rescue Einstein from the Nazis.
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, Vol II
April 1985
Page 30: Picture and biography of Blackhawk. Page 31: Pictures and bios of the remainder of the Black Knights. Page 32: Picture of the Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket and its specifications. A diagram of Blackhawk Island. Art by Dave Cockrum and Murphy Anderson.
All-Star Squadron/#48 & 49
Aug & Sep 1985
In #s 48 and 49, Blackhawk joins the All-Star Suadron to defeat Wotan.
All-Star Squadron/#50
Oct 1985
A single panel appearance in which the entire Blackhawk team is shown flying off in the company of a host of Golden Age superheroes from Earth 2 to aid Uncle Sam in a battle against Nazis on Earth X (the results of which were recounted in Justice League of America #107).
DC Challenge!/ #1-12
Nov 1985 to Oct 1986
The Blackhawks make an appearance in this unigue comic book creation.
History of the DC Universe, Book One
Marv Wolfman, writer; George Perez, penciller; Karl Kesel, inker; Tom Ziuko, colorist; Mike Gold, editor.

An attempt to weave every DC character into a single, unified history. The Blackhawks get a whole page (no small thing in this cast of hundreds of characters) near the end of the book.

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, Vol XXV
March 1987
Page 22: Picture and history of the War Wheel. Art by Dan Spiegle.
Secret Origins/#14, the Suicide Squad
May 1989
The War Wheel makes an appearance without the Blackhawks.
Who's Who: Update '87/# 3
October 1987
Page 28: Picture and biography of Lady Blackhawk. Art by Brian Bolland.
Action Comics Weekly/#635
January 17, 1989
A crossover story with Chop-Chop, Blackhawk Express, Black Canary, Superman, and Green Lantern.
click here for Secret Origins #45
October 1989
The origin of Blackhawk.
Hawkworld #11 and subsequent
May 1991
Chop-Chop and the Blackhawk Express begin a recurring role in the Hawkworld series.
Suicide Squad #54
Jun 1991
Blackhawk Express begins what appears to be a recurring role in the series
Guy Gardner, Warrior
Sep 1994 to 1996
Zinda Blake, Lady Blackhawk, has a recurring role in this series.
Batman & Captain America
In an opening scene, Captain America is shown destroying a War Wheel.
Sandman Mystery Theater #45-48
Dec 1996 to Mar 1997
Janos Prohaska is a suspect in a murder investigated by the Sandman.
Super Soldier: Man of War/#1
June 1997
The War Wheel makes an appearance without the Blackhawks.
Spitfire and Blackhawk Page
Mikel Midnight has created a page that expands on the mention in an Amalgam book of the Blackhawks, led by a female character named Spitfire. See his page for more details and a neat cover, and see Super Soldier above for another Amalgam Blackhawk connection (sort of). Go to issue 230 to see what the original cover looked like that Mikel modified to produce his.
JLA Year One
The Blackhawks help the JLA battle an alien invasion.
Guns of the Dragon
Oct 1998 to Jan 1999
A very young Chop-Chop and a recurring Golden Age Blackhawk villain, Miss Fear, play significant parts in this interesting period piece.
Sandman Mystery Theater #70
Feb 1999
Janos Prohaska helps Wesley Dodd's brother.
Fanzing #23
Dec 1999
Men of War, Wheel of Peace, by Michael Hutchison. A story about Sgt. Rock, Easy Company and Gravedigger battling a War Wheel on Christmas day, 1945. Mentions the Blackhawks' earlier encounters with War Wheels.
Showcase: The 7 Soldiers of Victory
May 2000
Blackhawk joins six other Silver Age heroes to battle the Injustice League.
JSA #s 11 & 12
Jun & Jul 2000
Blackhawk Island is the scene of a battle between the JSA and Kobra, and Blackhawk Express is set up as a continuing story element.
Our Worlds at War
August 2001
New, futuristic Blackhawks fight an alien menace.
Superman & Batman: Generations 2 - Vol 1
The Blackhawks team with the JSA to fight a Nazi war machine in an "imaginary tale".
Superman & Batman: Generations 2 - Vol 3
A new "Blackhawk" is introduced into this "imaginary tale".

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