The Dave Cockrum Gallery

Dave Cockrum is not only an artist who worked on the Blackhawk comic books, he's also a fan. Dave has been kind enough to provide some samples of Blackhawk art work for display here on the website. Some are covers he did for the '82 revival of the series, a few are drawings he did for other venues, and others are original work that have not appeared anywhere else. I am pleased and grateful that Dave is sharing this work with the rest of the Blackhawks' fans.

Click on the links below to see more about each piece.

Original art from Blackhawk #251 Original art for Blackhawk #252
Original art for Blackhawk #253 Original art for Blackhawk #254
Original art for Blackhawk #261 Unpublished Portrait
Original art for DC's Who's Who Kwackhawk
XF5F-1 Eggrocket Eggs-F-90
Blackhawk's Winter Topcoat Skyhawk
Future Blackhawk

Original art for The Crazy House.

And be sure to visit Dave's website, where he has beautiful prints of the Blackhawks' F-90s and the Skywolves' F5Us available, along with a lot of other cool comic art. Dave says that there will be more Blackhawk art available in the future.

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