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     I have emailed all the contributors to this site to get permission to move the information on the site that was not written by me. As I expected, most of the email addresses I have are no longer valid. So, this is a public notice to all contributors. Since you provided your contribution to what is essentially a public forum, I assume you want your work to continue to be displayed. However, there is no way to give credit to an author at the DC Comics Database since it is uses the Wiki system and has similar rules. If you do not wish me to transfer your contributions to the site, tell me and I won't. Be aware, though, that I may delete it from this website so it will no longer be available for viewing. If I have not heard from you by 15 September, I will assume concurrence.
     If you've been to this site before, you realized I haven't done anything with it in a long time. I have not lost my interest in the Blackhawks but I have simply been busy with other interests and this site seemed to be okay the way it was. But I'm not getting any younger and it occurred to me that it would be a shame for all this accumulated information to disappear after I'm gone. So, I intend to move as much of it as possible to the DC Comics Database. Since that is a wiki-based system there is every expectation that it will be around as long as the internet exists, maybe even beyond that. This won't be a fast process but I will work on it as I can. To avoid copyright issues with the wikia rules, I will remove information from this website when I begin transferring it to the DC Comics Database. I will place links to the appropriate DC Comics Database pages on this website when I remove something. Please bear with me as the transfer is made. Also, I don't expect to transfer everything since there is some information here for which there are no corresponding categories at the DC Comics Database, so the site will continue as long as I do.
     I just noticed it's been exactly one year to the day since I last added anything to the site. That's probably going to be the normal rate from now on. Added another entry in my Earth-X Blackhawk fanfiction series. This one features the Blackhawks' best and most frequent opponent, the War Wheel.
     I have recently completed a re-edit of the Blackhawk movie serial, cutting it from its original four hours down to two hour feature length. Read more at the movie page.
It has been another long stretch since the last update, but I've finally made some long overdue changes, and hope to add a few more things in the near future.
     I am pleased to announce another entry in my Earth-X Blackhawk fanfiction series. This one features the women of the Night Witches, a Russian bombing squadron that was made up entirely of women..
     I am happy to post Kevin Ahearn's restart of his next generation of Blackhawks, which he is now calling The New Millennium Team.
     Added Rich Uravitch's R/C Blackhawk Skyrocket to the fan built models page.
     Added Dennis Harry's action figures to the Other Media page.
     Added a notice about Dave Berg's death to the Death Patrol page.
     Added a link to Mikel Midnight's expanded Earth-X timeline to my Earth-X Timeline page.
     Added a new reprint, America at War: The Best of DC War Comics to the Reprints Index.
     Updated JLA #107 with higher rez pictures and a link to Fanzing's extended history and synopsis of the story.
     Added another suggestion for the identity of the Blackhawks' large seaplane.
     Added even more history about the creation of Blackhawk issue #242..
     Don Secrease has provided synopses for Blackhawk's #20, #23, #24, #25, #27, #28, and #29. A new contributor, Keith Hammond, has provided synopses for #16, #17, #32, and #40.
     Wow, it's hard to believe that it's been over a year since I did a real update to the site. It is long past due and I'm finally beginning to work on it. And I may be getting some help from another Blackhawk fan. If that works out, the site will be updated more frequently. In the meantime, there have been two actual new additions to the world of Blackhawk that demanded a mention here on the site.
     The GI Joe Blackhawk Gift Set is available and it is well worth a look by any Blackhawk fan.
     The Blackhawks made a guest appearance in the animated Justice League episode, The Savage Time.
     Both of these new pages can be accessed from the Blackhawk In Other Media page, which I revamped for easier reading.
     The old guestbook disappeared when Topcities deleted the site, and Beseen went out of business which eliminated the Forum. I've switched back to Bravenet for both the Forum and a new guestbook. Hopefully, they will be around for awhile.
     If you are reading this, you know that Topcities' bandwidth policy forced me to move the site. I am now paying for Topcities lowest level hosting service. It doesn't provide much but it does eliminate the advertising banners and increases the bandwidth limit to an amount I doubt this site will exceed.
     You probably have also noticed that there has not been an update to this site in a long time, especially if you are one of those fans who has sent me something to be added to the site. Kevin Ahearn asked me about this recently and this is what I sent him in reply.

"You asked in a previous message when I planned to update the website. You know, when I started the website, I thought it would be a one-time job, a lot of work to get it set up but then it would be like a reference book at the library - a fixed point. After all, it was about a comic book that wasn't published anymore. How much new material could there be? Boy, was I surprised. I never imagined that it would turn into a full-time hobby. I managed to keep it going for over four years and I think I did a pretty good job of it. But I've lost interest. I'm glad the site is there to serve its original purpose as a reference, but I just don't have the time or energy to keep adding to it all the time. And I keep getting more stuff. Just today, somebody sent me pictures of their homemade Blackhawk action figures. They are pretty neat and I ought to add them to the site. Maybe I will someday. But not soon. I need time to regenerate interest, if I ever do. Sorry, but that's life. It keeps moving and changing.

     Topcities has changed its policy on the amount of bandwidth a website can use in a given period. The allowance is fairly small and the Blackhawk site has been exceeding it regularly. If you've tried to visit the site in the last week and half and found it unavailable, that's why. I've removed the "Cover of the Month" since it is a large file and uses a lot of bandwidth. I hadn't changed it in a while, anyway. I am looking at other options, but aside from removing a lot of the stuff that makes the site worth visiting, the only option that may have any effect is to move the site to a paid host. It will be obvious to anyone visiting the site if that becomes necessary.
     Kevin Ahearn asked me to remove his Blackhawk 2000 stories from the site. With regret, I have done so.
     Added a link to the Wold Newton Universe site to the "Guns of the Dragon" page.
     Added a link to a new biography of Reed Crandall to the Creators' Page.
     Added quotes to Blackhawk #104.
     Added a splash panel to Blackhawk #91.
     Added El Halcon Negro #230.
     Added the Carmine Infantino/William Dubay Blackhawk Mini-series.
     Added Comic Courier #6 to the Articles section.
     Added an update about the GI Joe Blackhawk and a yearbook to the Other Media page.
     Added pictures of Kirk Alyn to the Blackhawk Serial page.
     Added a new reprint and a date for Blackhawk #9 reprint to the Reprints Index.
     Added added a picture and the full story behind the Stormbirds, a Blackhawk takeoff.
     Added pictures and info about the Blackhawks' large seaplane.
     Added a link to an outside review of the Blackhawk Novel.
     I haven't been having much luck with the free web services like the guest book that I'd used for Blackhawk Bylines (see the item below) or, now, the Discussion Board. The Discussion Board hasn't worked properly for at least a week and now seems to be offline for good. So, I have replaced it with a new Blackhawk Forum. I'm afraid all the messages that were previously posted on the Discussion Board are lost.
     The site where I had a "guestbook" set up as a Blackhawk Bylines reader comment page decided to change their business and deleted the existing Blackhawk Bylines page. All comments on the fan fiction posted here were wiped out. I have created a new Blackhawk Bylines page, which is accessible from the New Blackhawk Adventures page.
     Added a new story by Kevin Ahearn to the Blackhawk 2000 page.
If you read my post on the Discussion Board, you know that I have been unable to update the website for nearly a month. I was unable to get any assistance from Topcities in correcting the problem. What can you expect from a free service? I finally took the drastic action of completely deleting the site and then recreating it on Topcities. This was risky since I did not know for sure that I would get the same URL. A different URL would have made the site difficult to find for all those using the old link. Fortunately, it did work and the site still has the same URL. Reloading the site was a very long and tedious process. It now occupies over 50 Mb of space, and uploading that much data takes a while, even with a fast, broadband connection. However, that is all done and I expect it was transparent to nearly everyone. A few vistiors to the site this morning may have found pages missing, but everything should be working now. If you do find any links that are not working, please let me know. Since I was unable to make any additions to the site for a month, I had quite a backlog of updates. Here they are.
     Added the final chapters of Kevin Ahearn's new story, Apocalypse RED, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     I deleted the link to DC Futures from the New Adventures page, since that site apparently no longer exists.
     Added an interesting analysis of the reversal of Stan and Olaf's specialties to Stan's Bio Page, submitted by Adam Benson.
     Added another reprint to the Reprint Page (submitted by Bob Fulker).
     Added an entry for a new "Blackhawk" to the Appearances Page.
     Added a parody, Blackjack and his Flying Aces, to the Imitators and Parodies Page.
     Added a quote from Dick Giordano on the production of the final issue of the original run, #242.
     Added synopses for Blackhawk #84, #85, and #102.
     I have reorganized the site so that it is not necessary to go through a 'gateway' page. You may have discovered this already if you had the 'blk_main' page bookmarked.
     Added the fourth chapter of Kevin Ahearn's new story, Apocalypse RED, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Don Secrease has provided a sample page of art.
     Jim Kealy has provided a pile of scans and info about the Canadian and UK reprints of Blackhawk stories.
     Added some early reprints to the Reprint Page.
     Thanks to Jim Lagner, the modeling resource links on the Skyrocket page are updated.
     Added a synopsis for Blackhawk #104, provided by long-time contributor Bob Fulker.
     Added the third chapter of Kevin Ahearn's new story, Apocalypse RED, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Don Secrease has provided a synopsis for Blackhawk #21 and a new contributor, Joe Kluczynski, has provided a synopsis for Military #31.
     Added the first two chapters of Kevin Ahearn's new story, Apocalypse RED, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Added a picture of a Blackhawk cameo appearance in a Saturday morning animated TV show.
     Added a new listing on the Reprints Page.
     Added some new info about the UK editions of Blackhawk.
     Don Secrease has provided a synopsis for Blackhawk issues #22.
     Thanks to my copy of the Blackhawk Archive Vol 1, I have made new, high quality scans of the covers of the first 17 issues of Military Comics. I have added large size versions of the scans to the website, linked through each issue page. I also added synopses for Military issues #4, #6, #9, and #15.
     Added the conclusion (Chapter 4) of Kevin Ahearn's new story, The Ebony Ghost, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Added the second and third chapters of Kevin Ahearn's new story, The Ebony Ghost, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Added an improved picture of the modified F5F.
     Added the original map of Blackhawk Island.
     Added the Blackhawk Archives to the reprints page.
     Added a link to a fine eulogy by Mark Evanier for Chuck Cuidera.
     Added the first chapter of Kevin Ahearn's new story, The Ebony Ghost, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Added a new picture to the Gleason Skywolf page.
     Don Secrease has provided a nice scan of the F-90 vs Mig 15 page from Issue #54.
     Thanks to Don Secrease, I have three new synopses for the following Blackhawk issues: #34, #35, and #36.
     Added a new Blackhawk appearance, in Superman & Batman: Generations 2.
     Added some new information about the British publication of Blackhawk.
     Added some new information about the Blackhawks' VTOL aircraft.
     Removed the Batman model page from this site. That information is now available on my new Batmodel Website.
     Added a new Blackhawk appearance to the Our Worlds at War series..
     Thanks to Don Secrease, I have five new synopses for the following Blackhawk issues: #41, #54, #115 #116 #118, and updated #42.
      Posted a new Cover of the Month.
     Thanks to Don Secrease, I have four new synopses for the following Blackhawk issues: #43, #44, #52, and #114.
     Added a page about a new Blackhawk team appearing in DC's current Our Worlds at War series..
     Added the fifth and final chapter of Kevin Ahearn's new story, The Once and Future Team, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Added Blackhawk wallpaper graphics to the Themes Page.
     Added the fourth chapter of Kevin Ahearn's new story, The Once and Future Team, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Added some background info about Crash Ryan from its creator, Ron Harris.
     Added a entry for a future release of a Blackhawk version of the classic GI Joe action figure to the Other Media page.
     Added the third chapter of Kevin Ahearn's new story, The Once and Future Team, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     Added a cover scan of the issue #34 El Halcon Negro to the Mexican Blackhawk page.
     Added a comment about the use of a Jewish name for a Nazi character to Blackhawk #9.
     Added the second chapter of Kevin Ahearn's new story, The Once and Future Team, to the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     DarkMark has posted the third chapter to his story, Taps for Blackhawk.
     Added three sketches by Bob Fulker to the Blackhawk Fan Art section.
     Added a synopsis for Blackhawk #14.
     Added the first chapter of Kevin Ahearn's new story, The Once and Future Team, to the Blackhawk 2001 page. Also, a comparison of the Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket and the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. There's a reason. Read the story.
     Added the complete story (panel by panel) to the Slow Death #7 - Blackhawk page.
      Added two new Dave Cockrum pictures. One is of the Blackhawks' F-90s and the other is the Sky-wolves' F5Us.
     Added a picture by Don Secrease to the Blackhawk Fan Art section.
     Added new synopses for the following Military/Modern issues: #13 and #14, and added an editorial comment to #12
     I've added a new section, Recommended Reading. This section lists other comic book series that I have enjoyed and which I think would be of interest to fans of Blackhawk.
      Posted a new Cover of the Month.
     Added a link to a new story to the New Blackhawk Adventures page. It is The Supremacy Helix, a Nick Fury/Blackhawk crossover by Humberto M. Ferre'.
     Added Kevin Ahearn's Blackhawk History at the Blackhawk 2001 page.
      Dave Cockrum sent me three more samples of his original artwork for Blackhawk and related subjects. They are linked at the Dave Cockrum Gallery of Blackhawk Art.
     Don Secrease sent me some art that appeared in a fanzine he and several other Blackhawk fans produced. I've used them to kick off a new section, Blackhawk Fan Art.
     Added illustrations to Kevin Ahearn's new Blackhawk story, Slay-Per-View!, at the Blackhawk 2001 page.
      Added interior page scans to El Halcon #262, on the Mexican Blackhawk page.
      Added Who's Who style bios for the Blackhawks of Earth-X, at the New Blackhawk Stories Page.
      Dave Cockrum has generously provided copies of his original artwork for a Blackhawk backup story, The Crazy House, which is linked at the Dave Cockrum Gallery of Blackhawk Art.
     Don Secrease has provided photos of Blackhawk action figures he has created. They are linked at the Blackhawk in Other Media Page.
     A new Blackhawk story, Slay-Per-View!, by Kevin Ahearn can be found at the Blackhawk 2001 page.
     And added a new chapter to Derrick Ferguson's Blackhawk International story.
     Changed Blackhawk Bylines on the New Blackhawk Stories page to a "guestbook" so entries can be made by the writer.
      Added El Halcon #262 to the Mexican Blackhawk page.
      And, from El Halcon #262, I added the F7U Cutlass to the Other Blackhawk Aircraft page.
      Added a Blackhawk appearance in X-Men.
      Added some more rumination to Kevin Ahearn's Blackhawk 2001 page.
      Posted a new Cover of the Month.
      Added new background info to the F-105 page.
As you no doubt discovered on the way to reading this, I have moved the Blackhawk website to a new host server. I had simply run out of room at Geocities. I now have 150 Mb of space available, which should provide for practically unlimited expansion. Unfortunately, I found a few gremlins in the works during the transition, but I hope I have all those fixed, now. It is likely that I did miss a few links here and there, however, so if you find a link that doesn't work after several tries, please email me and let me know so I can repair it.
      Added Blackhawk Bylines to the New Blackhawk Adventures Page. This is where you will find letters to the editor about the new Blackhawk stories here on the site..
      Added Jeff's account of how he came to create his JSA/Blackhawk Teamup Proposal.
      Rick Burchett, the artist for the second Blackhawk series and its run in Action Weekly has provided some original Blackhawk art from those series, and a brief review in which he talks about working on them. Rick Burchett Gallery and Interview. Thanks, Rick, for sharing your outstanding work with us.

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